Thomas Theunissen
After OBS recovery (North China Sea - 2008)
Geodynamics group
Research topic: Tectonic and geodynamic processes
University of Bergen - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Earth Science
Allegaten, 41
5020 Bergen, Norvège

Office ---
Phone +47 55 58 33 98
Email : thomas.theunissen(@)

Thomas Theunissen
  • Main topics:
    • Numerical geodynamic modelling and surface processes at lithospheric scale
    • Seismic hazard : absolute 3D earthquake location, catalog seismicity analysis
    • Crustal and lithopheric structure
    • Convergent plate margins dynamics
    • Passive seismology
    • Active seismology
  • Study areas:
    • A aborted rift in the North Sea : the Viking graben
    • Southernmost part of the Ryukyu Subduction (Taiwan, Japan)
    • Taïwan
    • Les Pyrénées (Pyrenean Range) (France, Spain)
    • Golfe of Corinthe (Greece)
Academic experience
  • PhD defence the 13 juillet 2011. "Deformation at the transition from subduction to collision (east Taiwan): seismological approach". Directors: Serge Lallemand, Yvonne Font.
  • ATER (=Teaching asssistant) full-time: 2010-2011 (University of Montpellier 2) and 2011-2012 (Université Paul Sabatier II - Toulouse)
  • Master 2 geophysics DSGA (Dynamique des Systèmes Géologiques et Aléas = Geological systems dynamic and hazard) at the university of Sophia-Antipolis (2006-2007). Research course: "Crustal interfaces of Golfe of Corinthe evidenced by receiver functions from teleseismic and local earthquakes". Director: Anne Deschamps.
  • 2004: Agrégé de SVT (National competitive exam in life and earth sciences) speciality geology. 2004-2006: SVT Teacher in secondary school.
Main skills
  • Programmation: C, (C++), C-shell, html, php, mysql, matlab, (fortran), ...
  • Algorithm: MAXI (earthquake location code - grid search)
  • Seismology: Antelope, produits PASCAL (IRIS), Seisan, Rayinvr, TomoTV, ...
  • Cartography/images analysis: GMT, QGis, GRASS, GeoMapApp, Illsutrator, PhotoShop, ...